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Plan work around your life

Not the other way around.

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Download the application today to start searching for jobs in your area!


We’re here to help you take control. We’ve already matched hundreds of workers with immediate jobs from an ever-growing list of employers.

No fuss. No Cvs. No interviews.

A female staff in a warehouse


Life circumstances change. Whatever your reasons for needing more income, get a guaranteed gig and start earning right away. 

Aukazi helps you take jobs starting as soon as possible.
Workers at Warehouse Computer


Nine-to-fives weren’t made for everyone, every day. Choose your hours and plan your commitments the way you want. 

You're automatically matched based on your skills.
Warehouse Team in Meeting


When you join AUKAZI, you’re part of a community that helps you build your network and learn new skills, while making new friends.

You choose your commitments. You choose when, and where.

Plus, our support team will be there for you to help you make the most of our platform.

Workers - Find the Best Warehouse jobs in Town - AUKAZI

You've come to the

right place if

​You are a student looking for part-time work
You have a stable job and looking to make extra money
You are in-between jobs and looking for work 
You are a newcomer to Canada, looking to get work experience
or you just enjoy making your own hours!
Industrial Engineer

How it Works


Download the app

Create an account with your email and enter your personal information. We'll need:

  • Your home address to help find jobs in your area

  • A profile picture (not visible to the employer until the day of work). This helps avoid identity theft.

  • Your date of birth for payroll purposes 


Register for free

Fill in your work experience so that we can help target the right work for you. You will only view jobs you are capable of doing.

You'll then have a quick chat with one of our team members so we can verify the information you shared. We'll also help with all the next steps!


Find a gig!

Make sure push notifications are active on your app so you never miss a work opportunity!


You can even rate your experience after the assignment is complete and help future job-seekers. 


Time is money. For you, and for them. 

Every minute of productivity counts, so before you confirm your presence to a job, you have to make sure you are available for the entirety of the shift duration (hint: double tap on the job preview for more info). 


We take our commitments seriously, which means being on duty on time. Just like you can rate the employer, they can rate you.


If you must cancel, the earlier the better. Employers are counting on you.

Cancellation Policy

Stuff happens. We know. 

However, cancelling your commitment to attending an urgent job could damage your brand with Aukazi, especially if it happens often. 

If you must cancel:

  • Please do so as early as possible, to enable the employer to look for a replacement. 

  • Please ensure you do it directly on the app.

  • Please let us know why you are cancelling.

Not attending a confirmed commitment may get your permanently banned. 

We're all counting on you. You're counting on you, too. 

COVID-19 Responsibility

We are all in the fight against the pandemic together. The jobs posted on AUKAZI are essential to our economy and while this work cannot be done remotely, your partnership is required in ensuring you and the employers are protected.

Below are some of the key elements to keep in mind, report on and abide by at all times prior to heading to a job site:

Protective Equipment

Employers may provide you with protective equipment such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer on location, but get your own just in case.

Unwell? Cancel.

Your health is important to us and so is the wellbeing of the employers we are working with. Please stay home if you feel unwell. 

Unsure? Check. 

Use this website to evaluate your need to get tested:

Click here

Download the application today to start searching for jobs in your area!


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