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Plan work around your life

Not the other way around.

We are so happy you are a part of the Aukazi community and we are so excited to grow with you. 

Plus, our support team will be there for you to help you make the most of our platform.

Text us anytime at 438-288-1004

If you prefer to speak over the phone, please schedule the time through text. 

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Did you know about our referral bonus? 

If you refer a friend to the Aukazi app (they just have to write your name as the person who referred them), you can get $50 as a bonus in your next paycheck after they have taken their first shift!

You will find some forms you will need to fill out to completely be onboarded. 


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Once you review and sign this document, the team will review your application and approve your account.

Please allow up to 48 hours. Text the team for any questions 438-288-1004.

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Aukazi pays you as any employer would. We deduct any government mandated amounts and contribute to your pension, employment insurance as well as pay you your 4% vacation pay. 

You are also insured with the CNESST. 

Fill this to get paid!

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System used: Workforce by Intuit.

You will be able to access your paystubs and T4 documents directly through the the Workforce Site after


You will be invited to activate your account after your first job. Please monitor your email and junk for this invite.  

Already have an account? click below. 

Our Cancellation Policy

Stuff happens. We know.

However, cancelling your commitment to attending an urgent job could damage your brand with Aukazi, especially if it happens often.

If you must cancel:


  • Please do so as early as possible, to enable the employer to look for a replacement.

  • Please ensure you do it directly on the app.

  • Please let us know why you are cancelling.

Not attending a confirmed commitment may get your permanently banned.

We're all counting on you. You're counting on 
you, too.

Aukazi comb

Check before you commit

Time is money. For you, and for them.

Every minute of productivity counts, so before you confirm your presence to a job, you have to make sure you are available for the entirety of the shift duration (hint: double tap on the job preview for more info).

We take our commitments seriously, which means being on duty on time. Just like you can rate the employer, they can rate you.

If you must cancel, the earlier the better. Employers are counting on you.

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Life circumstances change. Whatever your reasons for needing more income, get a guaranteed gig and start earning right away.

Aukazi helps you take jobs starting as soon as possible.

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Nine-to-fives weren’t made for everyone, every day. Choose your hours and plan your commitments the way you want.

You're automatically matched based on your skills.

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When you join AUKAZI, you’re part of a community that helps you build your network and learn new skills, while making new friends.

You choose your commitments. You choose when, and where.

Learn how to manage
and transition to
flexible jobs, subscribe
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