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That's Aukazi.  

Aukazi employers
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Backed by technology & the power of a marketplace

Flexible and fractional hiring is the way of the future, and we are here to make it easy. 

Share resources with your neighboring companies and unlock your full potential.

Build your on-call workforce or use the help of one of our experienced recruiters, on demand. 

Aukazi fuels your growth by offering a range of services to boost operational agility, precisely when you need it. 


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Group 22984 (2).png


How we bring you operational agility

Fill shifts, instantly

We have the

marketplace for you

Fill your daily gaps through our group of  reliable, verified and regional workers. 

Build an on-call list

We have the tools and expertise for you

Build your list of trained, reliable and flexible workers available when you need them. 

Working with Laptop
Recruiters on-demand

We are here, however & when you need us

Experienced recruiters available on a fractional, hourly or project basis. 



Exceptional Quality


Increase & reduce your workforce, on-demand

Self-service platform
with 24/7 service

Automated filtering:
capacity & location

Lightening speed

Real-time notifications
& updates

Rating system &
quality control

Group 22984 (2).png
Group 22984 (2).png

Feature Clients

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"It is fast, and easy to get employees of good quality. Making it very easy to scale up and down your operations as needed."

Daniel Mizrahi, VP Operations -

3DM Group


Use cases & industries

1 / Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs), ecommerce solutions

Consumer demand can be highly volatile, particularly in the realm of e-commerce. This presents a significant challenge for third-party logistics (3PL) providers, who must swiftly assemble the necessary workforce to meet sudden spikes in online orders. Aukazi addresses this challenge by enabling companies to rapidly scale their workforce using our on-demand self-service platform. With Aukazi, 3PLs have successfully doubled their workforce in no time, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment of all customer orders, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

2 /Service & distribution, Seasonal & sporadic 

Numerous companies primarily concentrate on selling their products or services, often encountering uncertainty regarding the timing of potential deals. Aukazi has been instrumental in assisting these organizations by providing access to warehouse workers, equipment installers, and various crews (such as cleanup and order pickers) precisely when they're needed to fulfill their commitments.

3 / Manufacturing absenteeism

Manufacturing companies heavily rely on their machinery for production, yet their operations are often disrupted by absences and high turnover rates among their workforce. Aukazi members have seamlessly filled these gaps, providing flexible and on-demand support at a moment's notice. In certain cases, they've even integrated as part of the company's workforce, contributing to special projects and bolstering the overall operational flexibility.

A message from our CEO

My experience and roots have all been surrounding candidate and job matching. Inefficient & slow recruitment processes do not have room in the evolving shortage of labor market conditions.  The industrial sector is feeling it the most: no staff means no revenue and costs incurred at times.  The market challenge was clear and simple: how can companies get direct access to a pool of verified candidates for operations vacancies quickly and efficiently? And how can candidates find flexible, urgent jobs equally easily? 

The answer was Aukazi.

Lana Khoury

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