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  • Can I post permanent or long term jobs?
    AUKAZI is meant to help you find quick help when you need it the most. Jobs that have the highest fill rate on the platform are short-term and day jobs. Workers may commit to longer term jobs once they have had the chance to try your environment! We suggest you always start with short-term jobs (ideally daily) and if you like a worker, you can approach them for a longer-term job. You can push a job to them directly (and only them) through the platform! The short-term daily jobs allows both sides to try before committing. Need help with other full-time jobs? Reach out to us for more information.
  • Where are you located?
    We are currently only serving the Quebec market with big plans to go all over the world! Reach out to us if you have needs in other provinces, and we would be happy to discuss potential partnerships.
  • How do I know I am getting a good worker?
    AUKAZI has built a rating system which allows companies and workers to rate each other. While these ratings are not visible, they allow the platform to provide priority to better workers. Reach out to us to find out how it works!
  • How does Payroll work?
    AUKAZI takes care of all payroll including deductions at the source and CNESST payments. This frees you up to focus on your business and not your accounting.
  • Are there subscription fees? Cost to join?
    We have big plans at AUKAZI to be your one-stop for all warehouse and manufacturing general labor. We want to put you in the forefront and help you build your employer brand. As we are just at the beginning of this journey, the monthly costs are being reviewed. You benefit from being first on the plateform with no cost to join! We will keep you posted as our subscription model gets rolled out.
  • How do we track hours?
    AUKAZI is building an in-app feature to allow for better hours tracking. In the mean time, we ask that you report to us the hours worked by the AUKAZI workers every week.
  • Can I cancel a job?
    We understand that your plans and needs could change. You can cancel a job directly through the platform. When you do so, the worker gets notified. Please ensure to do so as soon as you find out so the worker can try and secure another shift. If the worker is already on-site, a 3 hours fee will be invoiced and paid to the worker as per the CNESST rules.
  • What if a worker doesn’t show up?
    AUKAZI has a very strict policy and continuously monitors workers who do not fit the values of the community. We ask that you let us know as soon as you know by reporting an issue within the job.
  • How does it work?
    Whether you're a small business owner, or a big organization, you can hire workers through our platform to complete general labor tasks related to your business operations. Simply create an account through our website, tell our community about your company, jobs you need done, and post your role. Jobs posted will filter through Members based on the skills required and they will then be able to accept or decline the role based on their availability. You can post today, and have someone start tomorrow! You will not need to interview, we do that for you!
  • What types of schedules can I post on Aukazi?
    The beauty of our system is that it's flexible and customizable to suit your company needs. You can select whichever schedule you would like, you're in control! Employers have posted as little as 4 hour shifts, and up to 12. Weekend and night shifts are also successful on the platform.
  • Do workers rate employers?
    They do! As more reviews are available, these would become available to you. The workers on the app provide honest and open feedback on employers. Reach out to us if you have some special requests to get more detailed feedback from workers who take your shifts.
  • What if a worker does not perform well?
    We truly believe in giving workers feedback on what has not worked. Our team coaches the community on how to be better and we would handle it on our end. That said, these things could happen and by using the rating system, you could restrict workers from taking your shifts. Please reach out to us for more information.
  • What schedules can I post?
    The choice is yours. You can pick the days and hours that work best for you and your company. Post as little as 4 hours to several days. Note that shorter jobs have more success on the platform as it provides workers with the ability to "try" you before committing to longer jobs.
  • Can I hire an Aukazi member for long term employment?
    Hooray! you found a match and you want to hire an Aukazi member directly to your companies payroll! We're here to help your business grow and thrive, not stand in the way of it. You can hire a member directly on your payroll. Reach out to us and we can help you with that.
  • Are you a recruitment agency?
    We are a vehicle that puts you and workers in the driver’s seat. We are not an agency but rather a tool that gives you access to a pool of talented workers, ready to take on your shifts. AUKAZI becomes your partner and supporter when you need it the most, providing workers with the ability to have flexible jobs at some of the best employers in town.
  • How am I paid?
    Payments will be on a weekly basis by direct deposit on Fridays. AUKAZI takes care of all the deductions at the source and insures you through CNESST. The first time you take a job, you will receive details on where to send all your information.
  • My friends see jobs that I can't see. Why?
    Job visibility is dependent on your skills and location. When you create your account, you will answer some questions which will filter the jobs so you can only see jobs that you can do. It is possible that your friends have different skills and therefore see different jobs.
  • There aren't any job available. Why?
    Don’t worry, we're always looking for new talent! If you can't see any jobs here, it could be that your maximum distance or the weight you're comfortable lifting isn't high enough. Or it could be that all our roles for the week have been filled. Make sure you have enabled notifications from AUKAZI so you never miss out on new job postings!
  • Is there a dress-code?
    There is no official dress code, but we do recommend going as simple as possible to maintain safety and professionalism. Your best bet is to opt for a pair of jeans, a clean simple t-shirt and closed shoes. Avoid wearing any jewelry or a hoodie as well as these could get caught in things and therefor be a hazard to your safety.
  • The company cancelled the job, will I still be paid?
    You are only paid for jobs completed.
  • I am running into technical issues with the app, who should I contact?
    Technology is never perfect and we are continuously monitoring any issues. Please reach out to the team through LiveChat with as much information as possible.
  • How does the app work?
    We are a full service platform that gives you total control over your schedule. Book a job, confirm your availability, and start working in just minutes. Can't make it to a shift? No problem! You can cancel your shift directly in the app 12-24 before it starts.
  • Do I need safety shoes?
    Safety comes first. Your safety and comfort is our priority, so we require our workers to wear a pair of safety shoes when on site. *To qualify for 50$ back, you must complete a full shift with us through the Aukazi app. Keep your receipt and send it to
  • How do I rate a company?
    You can rate a company (and please do!) by going to the job you completed. At the end of the page, you will have the ability to provide a rating on your experience.
  • What if I get a job at the employer I worked with through the app, how does that work?
    Let the AUKAZI team know and we will connect with the employer to help you! We will not stand in the way of long term happiness!
  • I am afraid of the physical nature of the jobs. How physically demanding are the jobs?
    At AUKAZI, we want you to do the amount of physical work that feels most suitable/comfortable to you. The last thing we want is for someone in our community to strain themselves doing something out of their physical capabilities. That's why we ask you to put in the amount of weight you feel most comfortable lifting when you create an account, and you can change that amount any time you like through the app. You will only see jobs you are able to handle.
  • Will you or the employer be paying me?
    You will be paid by AUKAZI.
  • I took a job with several days, but I cannot attend it all. What do I do?
    The AUKAZI team is always here for you, we understand that sometimes things come up and we just can’t go in for a particular day. Communication is key. Notify the employer while on-site of your schedule changes and reach out to us via LiveChat in the app.
  • I don’t see jobs in my area. Why?
    AUKAZI launched in July 2021 with a vision to be everywhere! Employers are mostly in the greater Montreal region and more options in your area will be available over time.
  • Do you pay cash?
    We do not pay cash. All jobs through the app are declared and require you to have a valid work permit (if applicable) and social insurance number. Payments are made in the form of direct deposit.
  • Why do you need my date of birth?
    The date of birth is required to ensure you are of legal working age as well as required as we enter your information for tax deductions.
  • I worked more than the hours specified on the app, will I get paid?
    When you arrive at a particular job, you will be asked to sign in and out on a timesheet. Whatever hours reflected on your timesheet will be the hours that you are paid for the job. You are paid for all hours worked.
  • I took a job, but I need to cancel. How do I do that?
    We know that sometimes, things can happen and you will need to cancel a job. We ask that if this is the case, please do so as soon as you canto provide the opportunity for someone else to make an income. You can cancel your job 12-24hr directly in the app by clicking "Up Coming Jobs" click on "..." then finally clicking "Cancel". It's that simple. In the event you are not able to cancel a job yourself on the app. Go into "My Account" and request a Live Chat with one of our agents who are able to help you process this request. Communication is always key!
  • Do you provide me with a T4 or T4A at the end of the year?
    AUKAZI takes care of all deductions at the source, including income tax deductions. You will receive a T4 in taxation season so you could file your income taxes.
  • I arrived late to the job. Will I get paid for the missed time?
    The hours you are paid will be the hours you worked based on when you signed in and out of the job.
  • What type of jobs can I find when joining AUKAZI?
    Employers post a variety of jobs within the warehousing and retail environments such as order picking, shipping, receiving and other general labor jobs. These are all jobs that would not require any background knowledge or experience. AUKAZI offers jobs fit for everyone.
  • I want to refer my friends to the app! How do I do that?
    We love referrals! Our community is built of friends and families! You can simply ask your friend to download the app and complete their onboarding. They will have several places to add your name as the referrer!
  • How much do the jobs pay?
    Hourly rates vary based on the employer and the job. This information is visible in the job details. The totals you see are estimated based on the estimated hours worked. You will be paid actual hours worked.
  • I am running late! What do I do?
    Late for work? We've all been there. There is a red button under your upcoming job that allows you to communicate directly with the company you're going to work for. Use it to let them know you're running late. Remember that first impressions are always key!
  • Is the employers website available through an app?
    No, currently we have only developed the web version. The webpage is mobile friendly so leaders can post on the go. Tip: once you create your first role, it is very easy to copy the same details in the future.
  • Does the app cost anything?
    We've created an easy to use app that is completely free. No hidden fees, or cost.
  • I have downloaded the application but I still cannot see the jobs, why?"
    Let us ask, have you completed your profile? You must complete your profile first in order to see jobs. Once you’ve completed your profile you will be able to chat live with one of our representatives about Aukazi's terms and conditions and get your account approved. Once approved you can start taking shifts right away!
  • I have never worked in a warehouse or manufacturing, is that ok?
    AUKAZI is a on a mission to provide you with jobs that require very little training. Every employer will provide you with the training and support necessary to be successful. The jobs on the app are fit for everyone! We believe everyone deserves a chance to try something new!
  • I am interested in permanent jobs. Are there any on the app?
    AUKAZI offers you the ability to try companies before joining. The jobs listed are all short-term jobs. However, all employers who post on the app are also looking for full-time employees. Let us know if you liked working at an employer and we would be happy to help you secure a full-time job there!
  • I don’t have a mobile phone. Is the platform accessible via my computer?
    For the moment, AUKAZI is only available on smartphone devices.
  • How do I access my paystub?
    Every week, before you receive your pay, you will receive an email from WorkForce with all your paystub history and how much you worked/made the previous week. You must create your account to verify all your paystubs and receive your T4s at the end of the year.
  • Why is the app asking me for my picture?
    Pictures are optional on the app. We highly recommend you add one to prove your identity. This is to ensure that only the members of Aukazi can access company grounds. Your photo is only available to companies you choose to work at. We take privacy very seriously none of your information will be shared outside of the Aukazi app.
  • The amount I received in my bank is not the same as what is stated on the app. Why is that?
    The amount stated on the app is the Gross amount, not taking into account any tax deductions. This amount also takes into account your estimated hours, not the actual hours you worked. We write the amount on the app to give you an idea of around how much money you will be making each shift but it does not reflect the exact amount you will be receiving. Please access your paystubs for more information on what has been paid and reach out to the team via LiveChat for any questions.
  • Where are the jobs?
    Jobs are located all around the Greater Montreal Area and expanding every day! Currently working with companies in: -Laval -Montreal -Ville Saint Laurent -West Island -Dorval -Lachine -Granby -Quebec City -Vaudreuil Dorion And many more to come! Send us an email at if you would like to see us in your city!
  • I took a shift by accident. How do I cancel?
    If you've made a mistake, it happens. Just go ahead and cancel the job. You can do this directly through the app. Simply click "Up Coming Jobs" clicking on "..." then finally clicking "Cancel".
  • I No longer see jobs for a particular employer, why is that?
    Many reasons this could be happening. Employers use the platform when they need it the most. Every organization has its busy and calm seasons where they may post less. However, given the app allows you to choose the jobs, it is possible that an employer felt like you were not a fit for a job and not allow you to take their jobs in the future. Reach out to us for more information and we would be happy to provide you with any feedback we receive.
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