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Why Aukazi

Increased Operational Flow

Let the Aukazi platform help you find the labor you need when you need it and ensure your warehouse operational flow never gets disrupted. 

Self-Service Platform

Our platform is a self-service system allowing you to input your needs, when you want. You don't need to talk to us if you don't want to! But we are there, in the chat box and by the phone if you ever need any assistance. In the beginning, we recommend you book time with us to ensure you are setup for success. Use the tool below to book a time at your convenience. 

Increase Growth Potential

Ensure you are adequately staffed, on-demand when the opportunities knock on your door. Seize all the opportunities that come your way. 

No setup costs

We have no setup costs and because of our technology, we save you dollars when it comes to our service fees. 

Flexible Vetted Workers

The workers on our platform have all been vetted by our team, ensuring all the information in our system is accurate. They are also provided with training on best practices and basic health and safety training.  Background checks are conducted upon request. 

Automated and Speedy

Our platform shows the jobs to all the workers who are interested in working in your region and have the capabilities you are looking for. Our engine automatically filters through the workers so only those that are capable of doing the job are able to take the job. 

As we grow our engine, you will be able to find workers within a few hours of the job. 


Our engine, the rating system

Our clients rate workers after job completion. Workers with higher ratings get priority visibility to jobs.