Today is Health and Safety Day

Today is national health and safety day. A day to bring to light the importance of workplace health and safety. Working in a warehouse and manufacturing environments can be a dangerous job and many people may not even notice it.

Mindfulness and training are key to a safe environment!

70% of workplace accidents are avoidable. Think about that. Although we do not cause ourselves injuries on purpose, it is important to be aware of your capacity and posture when working.

All injuries and occupational illnesses can be avoided. However, no management system or policy can guarantee your safety 100%. It's with the combination of a good safe and healthy working environment, best practices within management, along with a fully trained workforce mindful of their own well-being that will foster a safe working environment for all.

Aukazi put together some training capsules!

Aukazi has helped many people get jobs in warehouses and manufacturing sites all over the Greater Montreal Area (soon accross Canada!) Think about your posture when performing your duties! Using the proper technique will help you to complete all of your daily duties with ease. We have partnered up with Lee Haberkorn to create a few short health and safety videos and Since today is Health and Safety Day, we wanted to take a moment to share the first of many of these videos!

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