Is your onboarding helping or hindering your retention rate?

Interviews are essentially risk assessments. They are an evaluation of one's fit culturally as well as high-level capacity from a skillsets perspective.

How often have you hired people and a few days later, they decide it is not for them?

It's likely to be a few months for white-collar jobs, with their various tasks/work cycle (yearly routines, stressful seasons, among other cycles within a company). For blue-collar, the job cycle is traversed in a shorter timeframe, completing repetitive tasks, that do not become further complex over time.

While for white-collar jobs it could take months for workers to find a perfect fit, for blue-collar jobs, it could take as little as a few hours. But I believe all jobs are doable and can be fitting with the right onboarding process.

People want to succeed; they don’t want to make mistakes. When they are not properly onboarded, they question their true desire to do the work, because of their lack of belief in their success. The reality is that they weren't able to integrate.

That statement of course does not include those who simply do not fit the culture and cannot get along with leadership/team dynamics. However, the risk of a misfit there can be reduced with the right interview conversations, and if a number of individuals are a part of the process.

Think through your onboarding process

  • How long is it? It should not take longer than a couple of days to a week to start feeling a little fruitful. Is that happening for you?

  • When can they start being independent? If the employee has to ask questions too often, or worse, they do not know who they should be asking, misfit feelings could begin to percolate.

  • By the end of the first day, do they know:

  1. A few teammates?

  2. What to expect from the onboarding timeline?

  3. How and when they will get paid (or when they will know)?

  4. Who to connect with for different questions?

These are really important integration elements to make a potential worker feel more “comfortable” with what to expect.

To guide you in creating a successful & convenient onboarding process, we have detailed a quick guide to make this an easier task for you. These can be done once and reused all the time!

Quick fixes for successful employee integration:

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