To All Employers, Are You Prioritizing Flexibility? Here's Why You Should...

2020 and 2021 were monumental years in history. We are only now entering a time with glimpses of hope that things will be back to "normal" someday soon. Things will be "easier to plan" and industries that have been hurt (yes, actually pained), will get better.

Shortage of Labour or changing labor?

One question remains, however: what about the shortage of labour? What about "the great resignation"? Will that be going back to normal?

Personally, I do not believe there is an actual shortage of labour; I believe there is a shift in the expectations of labour.

These past 2 years were not normal. The amount of energy, resilience and perseverance needed by everyone was just: too much. Everyone was going through "something", from having to manage working from home (either with their whole family's home, or worse, completely alone for months at a time) to dealing with the anxiety that people may catch the virus (and die). Others have lost their jobs due to business closures and others have had to do many extra hours as their colleagues just could not be there.

These have been traumatizing years, but with trauma comes reflection.

Reflection on what matters the most.

Reflection on what one really wants from their life.

There is no shortage of labour (other than the baby boomers retiring phase of course), there is a shift in the needs of the labour.

The Great Reflection

Employers have been facing this transition caused by the "great reflection" of their workforce, trying to plan ahead on what to do to ensure they KEEP their employees happy:

  • Is it money? The competition is fierce! If you were not a great employer to begin with, and you were not paying your employee their market worth, why would they stay?

  • Is it leadership culture? How did you deal with the pandemic? It is often said, you know the true colours of a person when in stressful situations. How did you manage your workforce during the stress that came with the pandemic?

  • Is it working conditions? What have you offered differently to your workforce, given the pandemic put the strains it did on them and their families?

It is time to listen to the needs of your workforce and offer them the experience they are seeking.

It's Time for Flexibility

While these types of transitions and implementations take time and energy, one thing employers must do quickly is to be flexible. Employers need to be more flexible than ever: more flexible on the demands and conditions they lay on their workers so they can prioritize their health, family and personal goals.

Some industries have transitioned to remote work, flexible scheduling, focusing on output and not time, while other industries like manufacturing, logistics and supply chain are having a harder time doing so.

Speaking of "essential services", how can you be flexible when you have no choice but to be in a certain place at a certain time with a specific amount of people in order for your operations to survive? And how can you offer flexibility to your workers even though you don’t have enough workers in the first place?

Consider the element of shifting workforce, the "great reflection"- how are you helping your business adjust?

Let's face it, there is no shortage of labour, but a shortage of people who want to work in the way you once wanted them to.

That said, what are you doing to offer flexibility?

Tell us in the comments below!


About Aukazi

Aukazi allows companies to stay on track for their deliverables by connecting them to reliable and regional workers that could plug into their operations on an as-needed basis.

What is Aukazi?

AUKAZI is a platform that connects companies with regional workers for urgent general labour needs within the warehousing operations, manufacturing and logistics field.

Workers can commit to a job within their region with a few clicks, helping organizations stay on track for success.

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