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Empower Your Supply Chain By Empowering Women

Written by Jahiem Tracey

To celebrate international women’s day, the AUKAZI team wanted to shed some light on women in the industry.

The warehouse industry is a powerhouse of Canada's economy, responsible for moving and storing goods across the country and beyond. And while this industry was once seen as a boys' club, women are breaking down barriers and making their mark!

According to Statistics Canada, women currently make up 28% of the transportation and warehousing workforce and this number is on the rise! In just under a decade, the percentage of women in this industry has gone up by 8%!

"When women see more equality in the industry they are more willing to work in these environments." - Anonymous AUKAZI Member

There are so many benefits to having more women in the warehouse industry. Women bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table, leading to better problem-solving and decision-making. All this leads to more innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. Having a diverse workforce leads to more successful businesses.

On another note, those in the industry know about the huge shortage of truck drivers in Canada which is currently at 20,000! The industry leaders have been pushing the agenda and trying to recruit more women into the industry, which means tapping into a whole new pool of talent to help fill this gap. Women are also making huge strides in leadership roles, holding 37% of management positions in the industry, higher than the national average for all industries.

"Don't think that because you are a woman you cannot work in this type of industry, there is equality." - Fatemeh AUKAZI Member

Warehouse jobs can be physically demanding, no matter the workers' gender representation. The industry should continue to review its current physical demands, finding ways to provide further support, tools and ergonomic equipment for safer and more effective job performance as well as providing better access to these types of employment.

In conclusion, the warehouse industry in Canada is slowly but surely becoming more diverse and inclusive. Women are playing an increasingly important role in this industry, and their contributions are helping to drive its growth and development. By addressing the challenges that women face and providing support and opportunities for their advancement, companies can continue to attract and retain top talent and create a more successful and sustainable industry.

Tell us about how you encourage women and equal opportunity within your organization in the comments below!





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