About Us

Aukazi is an HR technology start-up founded in 2020 by Lana Khoury. Coming from a background in recruitment and HR, Lana's purpose has always been to balance experience and efficiency.  Always with a mindset of solving challenges, Lana wanted to find a way to help companies reach their potential without feeling understaffed, ever. With the pressures of the world of recruitment and the need for voids to be filled in a timely manner as well as the shift in workforce wanting more flexibility, Aukazi was born.

Building a community

AUKAZI is becoming a community of reliability, efficiency and flow.

We are a growing team of professionals, devoted to making a difference

in our Canadian economy. 

Meet The Team

Lana Khoury

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Founder & CEO

Sabrina Quattrocchi

Workers Coach and Account Manager

Nabil Bengassem

Workers Coach and Account Manager

Some of our Clients

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